Lead Management

The lead for sales which are being contacted can be turned into profitable one if notified in the right track. And to manage the lead, AquaCRM is a best way to deal with tools in place to make sure that they are being guided in the proper manner. Business whose lead management is an important factor to be considered can bring a high sale rate and different marketing process.

What are Leads?

In the definition of the Leads, it can be described as the details of the an individual, any organization or companies which are being gathered from different external and internal sources. They are being collected for the purpose of the sales and they are considered as the unqualified sales opportunities.

What is Lead Management?

Techniques that are being enabled to manage effectively the different leads with the help of the tools combining different business process. By the AquaCRM software, lead management can be done very technically which is a powerful management to automate and enhanced the inconsistency, disorganized and error prone processes through the entire life processes.

The different stages in AquaCRM lead management process are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Allocation or Distribution
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Conversion
Capture and Manage Sales Leads.
  • Generation of the lead is automatic and it enhance the lead management
  • AquaCRM software helps you to directly contact you with the leads visiting your web site
  • The external sources are the important sources of lead importing example: web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail and any other types of campaign
  • Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign sales-ready leads to the sales persons
  • Qualify leads to next stage based on the information captured in lead details. Once leads are qualified for prospecting stage, convert them into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click
  • Customize Sales process for B2B and B2C business scenarios

Lead Generation

Generation of successful leads which refers to the grabbing of consumers showing interest for various products and make them interested in making them purchase the product. Thus the source of the leads are being taken from the campaigns, exhibition, referrals, various types of events, AquaCRM provides you the various types of methods to generate the leads by form filling, quick create, importing, web forms and developer API

Lead Allocation or Distribution

It is very tedious and time consuming work to assign new leads to any specific individuals. AquaCRM software helps you to simplify the work by assigning new leads to the sales person and thus in a specific criteria keeping in mind geographic region and the activity thus saving your time.

Lead Qualification

Lead generation can be essential for the lead qualification which can be a further chance to make new leads. The sales ready leads separates from the general inquiries that are entered into the AquaCRM.

Lead Conversion

Once you convert a lead into successful sales, the you can convert the leads to Account, contact and business opportunities. Thus the lead management process is completed without reverting to the Lead process

What do I Gain from Aqua CRM’s Lead Management?

The benefits that the user gain from using the AquaCRM is it provides the tools and the techniques which help you track the various records through the life cycle. They are being collected all across the industry sectors or marketing campaigns and brand promotion events and etc.

Your Benefits

  • Manage leads from creating to conversion
  • Capture leads online using Web-to-lead form and manage effectively in AquaCRM
  • Importing leads from external sources.
  • Facilitate faster sales Lead Distribution through the lead assignment rules
  • Qualify leads to next stage based on the information captured in lead details
  • Customize lead management process (B2B and B2C business scenarios) as per your organization sales process
  • Standard reports and dashboards bundled for a fast learning curve
  • Export leads data to spreadsheet software for further data analysis