For the preparation of the reports, the Aqua CRM which is now fully loaded with the integrated service with analytical power and more advanced analytical method to get the report as an easy slice. Sales funnel, profit amount, win or loss of sales, making prediction of the sales, and the team performance are being easily done by the report software by the CRM with on a very limited time

Standard CRM & Sales Reports

Sales Force Automation
  • Lead source provides the sale for the sales person
  • Closing in the present month has more potentiality
  • Probability and the pipeline stage are being able by the CRM
  • Provide present month sales report
  • The accounts is provided by the industry
Marketing Automation
  • Leads are being produces by the report source

  • Revenue reports are being campaigned

  • Leads are being campaigned

  • Campaigns led to potential leads

Customer Support
  • Products cases are being produced

  • Origin of cases

  • Status cases

  • Priority cases

  • Popular Solutions

Inventory Management
  • Status leads to order purchase

  • Stage can give the quotes

  • Accounts produce the Invoices

  • Sales Orders by Status

  • Termination date are supported by the products