Dash boards are the important thing which shows the present scenario of the organization through the charts and the table’s comparisons, patterns and various trends in sales. CRM dash boards hence provide a reality snapshot of the organization key zones. These dashboards are sometimes being made by the two dimensional and three dimensional charts which are being created based on the current records.

Standard CRM & Sales Dashboards

Sales Force Automation
  • The source chart of the lead create new sales

  • Have a high potentiality

  • Stage chart provides the Pipeline of sales

  • Accounts provides the sales

Marketing Automation
  • Opportunity being provided topmost

  • Opportunity being provided for the revenue

  • Pipeline for the sales

  • Opportunity being provided at stage

  • Total Amount by Sale Stage

Customer Support
  • Provide open case for customer.

  • They are provided by the priority basis.

  • They are also being provided by the status.

  • History
  • Upcoming Activities
  • Funnel
  • Key Metrics
  • Overdue Activities
  • Mini list
  • Notepad